High pressure nitrogen systems were a god send to paintball players !
When the first ones came out they were expensive,  huge, not very reliable.
Did I say Huge ?   Did I say expensive ? 
Try over 400 buckaroos for a huge 120ci tank !!

But boy did they make playing paintball so much more enjoyable.  You could play in colder weather
without fear of the dreaded shootdown  bbbrrrrrraaaap..
Seals in the guns lasted forever.  Paintbreakage was less.
No more huge clouds of CO2 blocking your vision.

CO2 SUCKS.....   Well,, maybe not that bad.  But it sucks !
In many cases CO2 can lead to problems.  The tanks are filled with Liquid CO2.
The liquid must expand in order to "charge" your gun.  this conversion from liquid to gas
requires a great deal of thermal energy and causes the tank to get colder.  The colder the tank gets the less pressure it has in it.  And you know what that means.  Your balls dont shoot as far.
There may not even be enough pressure for your gun to re-cock.  The dreaded. bbbbbrrrraaaaap!

At 70 degrees your CO2 tank has 850 psi.   at 50 degrees it is at 600. 
Not enough to recock many guns.
The other side of the coin is at 80 degrees your tank pressure skyrockets and if left in the sun or in your car, it can and will raise the pressure so high it will blow out the saftey burst disk.
And that is not a safe or pretty sight .  I have seen car windshields broken this way..

Now Nitro

Nitrogen or compressed air. Both are close enough to be considered the same for paintball usage.
But if you use compressed air make sure you get it from Breathable compressed air.
It is cleaner and dryer.

Nitro is more stable. it has none of the cold/hot problems that CO2 has.
It is cleaner, prolonging the life of your seals and gun.
The pressure to your gun stays the same all the time hot or cold.(untill you run out of gas)
Your gun is much much more consistant with nitro.
more consistancy means more accuracy.  Your shot grouping should be much tighter with nitro over CO2 as your velocity is much more consistant.

There are entry level nitro tanks starting at $89 bucks.
These are usually aluminium tanks. 48ci.
They will give you around 500 shots depending
on your gun and barrel setup

The next step up would be a 72ci aluminum tank. at $129 bucks
It will give many more shots. over 1,000 shots usually.

Then you can get into the carbon fiber wrapped tanks.
In 3,000 psi or 4,500 psi
These are lighter tanks, but the cost goes up. $179 bucks and up.
but a long way from the over $400 we used to have to pay.  !!
They can give you over 1,200 to 1,700 shots per fill.

We do both CO2 and Nitro fills

CO2 prices
9oz  $2
12 oz $2.50
16 oz $3.00
20 oz $4.00

Nitro prices
$1.00 per thousand lbs

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