Do you want to have a fun enjoyable day of play ?
Or one in which you are sqeegeing out broken paint all day,
can't hit the broad side of the barn, or if you do hit them, the balls just bounce off with out breaking ?

Ok. If you want a fun day of play, then having good paintballs is a must !
Good paintballs will make or break your day.  Bad paint sucks big time.
Do not waste your time on cheap paintballs.

Be carefull of where you buy your paint.
Some places that dont know the proper care and storage of paintballs, will allow them to sit on hot humid docks for days.  Or in the warehouse that is 90 degrees with 90 percent humidity.  Even if the paint left the manufacturer in perfect condition, it would then be ruined.

Weather plays a big role in affecting your paint. Try to keep it out of the weather as much as possible.  Keep it out of the sun. If possible a small cooler works well, It keeps it stable. Keep your paint in sealed containers. Plastic zip lock bags work well or
tuppeware sealed tub's are another idea.

Your paintballs are not perfectly round, They do have imperfections., But for the most part this does not affect accuracy. Some paintballs even have dimples on them, which many paintballers think is horrible. If you pull out a handfull of paintballs and some have a dimple on them, don't worry about it.  That is usually not enough to affect accuracy. But if you see Big Flat spots on all of them, then most likely the paint was not cured completely before shipping. and you got a not so good batch. Not much you can do but grin and bare it if it happens to you.

Bouncy balls
If you are using old paint or paint left out in hot humid weather, chances are most of them will bounce. I have players that shot people in the gun or goggles and had them bounce right off.
It sucks to lose to someone because your paint bounces off them..
You can prevent this buy not allowing them to get rubbery .
How ?  I keep my paint out of the sun.  If real hot I will keep in in a car/truck with the ac running and as cool and dry as possible.  Dont forget the paint in your pack as well,
Unused paint should get rotated around with the cooler paint.
Any paint left open to the air will absorb moisture right out of the air.
It only takes minutes for paint to get ruined.   KEEP IT SEALED !

Brittle Balls

At the other end of the scale is too brittle of paint.
If you are breaking alot of paint in your gun, either the paint sucks or it is extremely cold outside.  If it is real cold out, you are getting hit with a double whammy if you use CO2.
The CO2 is real cold as well and adds to the problem.  Try to keep all unused paint in a warm area.  If you have to keep a car running with the heater on, this may be the answer.
Again a cooler with a hot water bottle with a towel over it can keep your paint warm enough so that you can enjoy a day of play on moderately cold days.
A couple other tips are, try turning your velocity down a little. this helps some.
Also if you have a stainless steel barrel, try an aluminum barrel instead.  SS barrels
get very cold and the ice cold metal will make your paint even brittler.

Action Cycle we sell 3 or 4 different grades of paintballs.
From the cheaper grades for just practicing or plinking.
To medium grades for recreational play.
To the highest level of tournement play.

Action Cycle 915 E. McKinley, Mishawaka, IN  574-256-1020